Afnan Tauqir

Hello! My name is Afnan and I'm from Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m a Website Copywriter, Ghostwriter, and e-book writer who loves nothing more than crafting stories with soul.
I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses communicate their value, discover their brand voice, and optimize their messaging for more conversions through website copywriting and ongoing content creation.
Because you need more than the right words. You need the right story and strategy. I’ll help you get there.

Lost for words? Let me help you.

Food enthusiast, waste warrior, and all-year-round wild swimmer, I create engaging, impactful copy adaptable to your needs. The proof is in the reading so scroll down for a selection of my work.

The Grandfathers of Fantasy (Story)

The widespread appeal of fantasy was first sparked off by J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Though a great number of people hailed Lord of the Rings as the first true fantasy, there were also a number of fantasy authors in the 19th and earlier 20th century. Perhaps three of the most prominent were Lord Dunsany, George MacDonald, and William Morris, who specialized in all forms, from selfcreated legends to more inward-thought fantasy. George MacDonald's Christian background was displayed in his fant

3 proven techniques to overcome procrastination and self-doubt (blogpost)

Not only drugs and smoking kill, but procrastination is also a killer too. When it comes to taking physical action on your plans, you often start experiencing paralyzing self-doubt and fear. Loaded with distractions, it turns into procrastination and creates a false illusion that you are achieving your goals and gradually it decreases your confidence too. In reality, no matter how many hours you are spending working, you achieve nothing. The cycle of procrastination and self-doubt becomes a habitual downward spiral where you can go for months without mak

How to deal with the people you don’t like? (blogpost)

In life, it is inevitable that you will encounter people you don’t like. There are people you instantly click with and there are some you find better to leave. But there are some people you just don’t like. It becomes difficult to get along with people who are distasteful or downright obnoxious. But before indulging in these thoughts you must remember that you are not perfect either. You have to remember that whatever you assume about a specific person, someone might feel the same about you. It is because as humans everyone makes faults. It is possible to avoid people you don’t get along but there are times when you are bound to work with someone you dislike. It does seem tough but there are a few tips that can help you to work with almost everyone. Following are the few strat

How to overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve your goals? (Blogpost)

Have you ever wondered how icebergs form? These large chunks of ice are made of frozen freshwater, not saltwater. The same happens with the beliefs that your form in your mind. Your beliefs are the set of principles that guide your thoughts, words, actions, and are responsible for your overall reality, whether good or bad. Your beliefs keep on pilling up but do not cause a problem until they trigger internal conflicts with your desire

The Man who slept for Years (Story)

He spun about to find her slight silhouette framed by the bright light of day from without the mausoleum. So, Liz had followed him after all. He had wondered if she would. He asked himself then if this was the outcome he had sought. To be confronted by her and to have to choose. Either to offer her the plausible excuse that he had concocted so long ago in anticipation of this very eventuality. Or to come clean, to unburden himself of the secret he had kept from her these past three years. He somewhat reluctantly admitted to himself that he had consciously allowed this to happen. He had given her no reason for his departure. He was not 'going to fetch a paper', or 'pop

Marble Lady (Romance)

In his art, Jaisini insists on overcoming of the dehumanization, the suppression of sensuality. In every historical period there are ideas and problems which are expressed and will not come to pass. Jaisini seeks to identify this idea in the present, excavate it from the past, and invent it in a new way for the future. In the murky, anxious world of ours, in the midst of the soul's confusions and the multiplying moral losses, the artist seeks and always finds some big and small islands of "eternal truths," and asserts the indestructible age-long parables that reveal these truths in the new light, in his own system of sign-images. I realize that the more you look at "Gleitzeit" works and think, the more you se

Endless Sea (for kids)

In the great big wide-open sea with all its' vast array of spectacular colors, you'll find a bountiful arrangement of wondrous creatures. Like a magnificent painting beginning to emerge on a brilliant blue canvas the colors come alive and take on a brilliance of their own. The red glow of the sun leaves its' spectacular mark on the dark deep blue canvas adding its captivating highlights. The chalky white tips of the waves as the roaring wind hits them just right makes the artist feel the intensity and the movement of the water. Floating endlessly on top of the sea is the dark green seaweed clinging to each wave, floating ever so slowly with the change of the tides. Far beneath the sea, an abundance of child-like sea creatures come alive and create their own playground of imaginative beauty.